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2007 -2011


blinkbox was a start-up launched in 2007 and was the first independent Movies and TV on-demand service in the UK, competing with Netflix in the UK when it was still sending out DVD rental.

blinkbox-tv-design-2010 copy.jpg


I was involved with blinkbox from the very beginning. My initial mission was to create the company’s visual identity and branding. I design and develop the first version of its website and video player. Consequently, the company had grown to more than 2 million unique users per month (January 2011).

Within the Product Team, closely working with Product Director and Product Manager and continuously meeting evolving business needs, strategies and objectives, I have delivered more than a dozen versions of the website as well as different applications for the ever-growing list of new media devices ( Apple iPad, Samsung, LG internet TV’s and numerous mobile prototypes). In June 2011, Blinkbox was bought by Tesco PLC

(, and so decided that my mission was accomplished and decided to move on to a new adventure.

Homepage redesign

Over the years we were often redesigning the landing page to meet new markets, and ever growing user base and partnerships with movie studios.

From wireframes to new UI:

Samsung TV designs.

At blinkbox, we have been witnessing the arrival of smart TV's, therefore we had to adapt and learn how to design a native app. In this example I worked on the Blinkbox Samsung app.

Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 21.45.26.png
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