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I’m Loïc (Pronounced “Lo-ick”), a UX / UI designer, I am originally from Bordeaux, France. Soon after graduating from high school, I felt a need for independence and moved to Paris to pursue my studies. After spending 5 years there, I moved on to London to expand my professional career further at the beginning of the “.com” era. I spent 11 years there before finally settling in Helsinki - Finland with my family.

Having a keen eye for details, for me function primes over form and I have an obsession with understanding the function of every object in my surroundings. In addition to this, I am an accomplished and passionate photographer, and you'll often find me wandering around town, capturing candid moments or working on my craft in a studio -

When city life becomes too overwhelming, I escape into the great outdoors to recharge my batteries. I enjoy wild camping and practising my bushcraft skills in the wilderness, far from the comforts of modern living. 

As far as I can remember, I always had a passion for music, and to this day playing the guitar is one of my favourite hobbies. I also keep active by cycling, hiking and running. 

The rest of the time, I like to escape by reading a good book or cooking up something yummy in the kitchen for my wife and son. Being French, food isn’t only fuel but pleasure first and cooking for my family is one of my daily rituals, and I make sure to spend at least an hour a day creating something delectable in the kitchen.

You can find me there:

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Some specific detail about my professional journey

I have over 20 years of expertise in designing digital products for businesses and nonprofit organizations. I have created and overachieved company objectives by designing and leading digital product experiences that address complicated user problems. My focus is always on delighting users, reducing friction, and improving their lives through design. I am good with ambiguity and comfortable in situations where I can apply my problem-solving skills.

"If you are not researching, you are not doing UX"

I consider myself a user advocate and believe in a holistic, human-centred approach to my work. I lead product discovery, conduct user research, and test users at every stage to ensure that every design decision is based on facts and qualitative and quantitative data. With extensive experience in various user research and analysis techniques, I approach each project with empathy and a focus on user needs. This allows me to define the problem to be solved and deliver effective design solutions.

I am committed to delivering effective and visually appealing solutions through a highly iterative and lean approach to UX design. My experience in UX /UI design has taught me the importance of prototyping and revising designs until they meet user needs and achieve desired business outcomes. I conduct user testing as often as necessary to validate new iterations and ensure the final product provides the best possible user experience.

Throughout my career, I have gained experience in the entire product lifecycle, from gathering user requirements, understanding problems, developing proposed solutions, planning and budgeting, designing, coding, analysis, and customer support. My adaptability makes me a valuable asset to any team, and my willingness to collaborate has helped me build strong relationships with colleagues and end users. I am proactive, think quickly when necessary, and am level-headed in difficult situations.

My curiosity drives me, I am willing to constantly educate myself, and always fully engage in every project. In the ever-changing world of digital design, I stay relevant by taking courses on platforms like the Interaction Design Foundation. I strive to expand my knowledge and skills to deliver innovative and effective solutions to any project.

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